Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Best Accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD

Melbourne is a jewel of the city that offers a fantastic range of theaters, restaurants, cafes, shops, museums and entertainment. It is an unequivocally cosmopolitan city that offers tourists many attractions, whether they are visiting a weekend trip, the beginning of a fantastic Australian trip or business trip.  Here are our recommendations when choosing the best accommodation in melbourne CBD.

The two best places to stay close to the action are Melbourne CBD and the coastal areas of St Kilda. If you want to be close to shops, theaters, and restaurants, it is best to go to Melbourne in the city center. If you want to be in one of the best Australian cafes and bakeries, near the beach, St Kilda is the place for you.

Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD is Chinatown, which offers a wide range of cheap accommodation in Melbourne. Chinatown is centered around Little Bourke Street, which runs from CBD’s largest shopping mall in Melbourne. Chinatown began in the 1850s when the Victorian gold rush was in full swing. During your stay in Chinatown, you can walk to great restaurants, theaters, shopping arcades and museums in minutes.

During your stay at the CBD, you are well prepared to visit the Crown Casino in Melbourne and Southbank, located across the Yarra River. Suburban cafes and outdoor restaurants, Southbank is a beautiful and interesting place to hike. Crown Casino offers 24-hour rest from games to shops and nightclubs. Queen Victoria Market is a short distance from the CBD and is the perfect place to stroll around the city looking for souvenirs.

CBD and St Kilda are connected by a tram line and easily accessible to each other. St Kilda began in the nineteenth century as a seaside resort for the upper middle class, who came from there to build Victorian homes there. The area retains the atmosphere of Victorian origin, as well as accommodation in Melbourne, housed in restored centuries-old homes. Today is St. Kilda is very popular with tourists and locals for cafes by the beach and some of the best bakeries in the southern hemisphere.

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