Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

Know everything what is a temporary skill shortage visa in Australia.

Knowing what is a temporary skill shortage (tss) visa in Australia is very important as it is a very popular visa with subclass 482 which is also known as a work visa. This visa allows employers in Australia to sponsor employees from any overseas country who can work in their business located in Australia. You can also apply for this visa if you feel that you have the skills for filling any job position where the Australian employer is looking for recruiting any specific skill sets.


According to the TSS visa, you have the permission of living in Australia while doing a full-time job for sponsoring employer and you can also add your dependent family members in this application. You will get this visa for two years and it can be renewed again for two more years so that you can also apply for permanent residency after working in this position for three years. Hence, this visa is specially designed for employers who are facing labor shortages so that they can employ workers from overseas for filling any particular position in the company. But this visa first allows the Australian citizens to fill the position after which the overseas workers are given jobs to work in any particular position.


Hence, if you are facing difficulty in finding a permanent residency or Australian citizenship, you can apply for the temporary skill shortage visa in Australia. This visa is specially designed for addressing the shortage of skilled workers for employers who cannot find suitable talent in Australia. Hence it becomes important that the employers will recruit overseas workers so that they will get the most skilled and talented workers for any job positions. But for getting this visa, you will need to get sponsored by an approved business and you also need to work for an approved occupation.


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