Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

Where To Hold Your Christmas Do?

If you’re responsible for planning your own work Christmas do, the pressure is on to organize an unforgettable night that everyone will appreciate. Among the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is your venue. So how do you opt for a party space which will keep Dave in accounts joyful, while also appealing for your super serious boss Suzanne, AND at the same time maintaining your street cred packed with Chantelle and the young blood coming through the ranks?


Keep reading to find out what CEME Conference Centre’s events manager, Ranjith Kumar, indicates in regards to the treacherous path of xmas party organising!


“First and foremost begin planning it early.” Ranjith warns. “The late summer months are a terrific time to start. Not only will all your key places have their Christmas packages arranged, but likely early will enable you time to go see all the websites and compare each package. Don’t forget venues like CEME Conference Centre will provide early bird bargains, so booking early can save you considerable money also. Venues will begin taking Christmas bookings as early as January, so there is no such thing as planning too early.”


The place you choose will depend entirely on what you would like your works Christmas party to be. It is always a good idea to picture your coworkers first on dates and tastes and pay attention to any personal or spiritual beliefs.


In addition, you need to be certain your budget and have and idea of how the vast majority of your partygoers will be travelling to and from the place. That stately home in the middle of nowhere might appear luxurious, but if nobody can get home in the end of the night you will be in trouble.  There are some amazing christmas party venues in melbourne, no matter what size you need to cater to.


Ranjith continued,”The secret to a terrific occasion is finding that middle ground that everyone will enjoy. It is a tricky thing to find, so going with a place which has a little something for everybody is your best option. Whether you’ve got a DJ or a band, designated space for people to dance is essential, as is a designated bar area. For people who enjoy the life span, (or who only want to have the ability to chat away in the DJ’s speaker system) ensuring that there is a lot of space for tables and chairs to stay out after your meal, is crucial.”

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